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Haiku Gita

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Haiku Gita - The Eternal Geets of Bhagavad Gita


“One should not fail to thoroughly understand the Bhagavad Gita as ancient Science of worldly life.”—These were the words of Lokmanya Tilak.

Truly, this is a true scripture of the human race as a living creation rather than a book, with a new message for every civilization.

As the days pass on, it’s becoming more relevant for ages to come.

Adi Shankaracharya brought it out from Epic Mahabharat as a clear knowledge to fulfil all the goals of human existence.
From ancient to the modern brains it became source of inspiration. For Albert Einstein Bhagavad Gita was the main source of inspiration and guide for the purpose of scientific investigations and formation of his theories.

Purpose of bringing this book is not just to increase the readability and quotability of Bhagavad Gita through verses and haikus but also to increase spirituality among masses.

With the hope that this book will be taken by the readers as a creation and not just a book, and will be a reference text to wide range of readers from students to philosophers, from spiritualists to scientists and writers, it is offered to the mankind.

About the Author

Dr. Akhilesh Gumashta is a renowned surgeon in the field of Orthopedics in Mahakoshal of Central India. He is better known for his charitable work dedicated to terminally ill cancer patients (as Medical Director and Chief Functionary of Virat Hospice, Jabalpur).
Among his many books Ramayan; The Hymns of Himalaya has been widely acclaimed by the readers and admirers. For that opus, he was honored with ‘Tulsi Award’ by Pujya Morari Bapu.
The present work is an immense piece of excellence both in field of spirituality and literature, which took him seven long years to complete. Every verse has few interpretative haikus having skillfully composed messages of Lord Krshna.
When he brings this very book—The Eternal Geets of Bhagavad Gita, he says, ‘May the fragmented world be cemented by the Spirituality of India, the very principle of Oneness.’

Dr. Akhilesh Gumashta

Dr. Akhilesh Gumashta

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